Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Baca Petunjuk Kue Kering Sebelum Memulai Masaknya

Baca Petunjuk Kue Kering Sebelum Memulai Masaknya - After that I live my life and start school again. And every school I always visit Romi and always whispering cepet cured yes .. I love you" that's my activities for months. Increasingly Romi situation is getting better. As usual I went to school and when I was walking toward the school gates suddenly called me and when I turned the agency was surprised when I saw her push the wheelchair Romi Romi and now her first day of school after the accident. I immediately approached them.

I was silent and did not say anything. Not for some time we arrived at the classroom, and the friend's friend was screaming coming learning to make kue cubit crispy and savory gets better. Friends were immediately swarmed Romi. And at that time Romi talking to his friends.

Hey, my friends all really happy I could meet you guys again. I used to think if I'd ninggalin you all for the spirit of my life do not exist anymore. But it turns out there was a girl who gave me the spirit to be able to live. Raina here! I also keep his word, and delicious kue kering 2017 when I'm dealing with her hands immediately clasped my hand and said.

Raina I was your friend but I am also a sender secret. When I got confused with my feelings with my best friend I was sent flowers, chocolates and a piece of paper containing all the outpouring of my heart. Maybe you already know it. But by the time I was in the hospital you are always whispering those words and it makes me believe that my love was unrequited. I want you to be my girlfriend?